Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been at a stand still with my current tapestry which is not a good feeling so far into the school year. Most of the wool is now dyed. the new loom was warped, hem woven and guess what?? The loom warped. I decided that rather than weave on it the way it was I would need to fix the problem. One of the difficulties with living in such a rural area is that it is often hard to buy materials. I ordered some adapters which took a week to get. We left the loom with the tapestry on it while we pulled the sides apart and took the thread out. A bit nerve racking but it was a success although next time I would put a couple of passes at the very top of the warp so that they don't slip as it took ages to get the warps back in the right place. It has been years since I did any spinning but I bought some beautiful English Leicester fleeces from a local breeder and have been spinning some yarn to take to a workshop in a couple of weeks. The fleece has a gorgeous lustre and should take dye beautifully. The only thing is that I cant decide if I should ply it or leave it as singles? The camel is a bit of a joke around here as Gerard is always on at me that I am really a nomad and just need to get a camel as you can never use the boot of my car because I permanently keep my camping gear in it complete with food and water. I bought him at a market in Pomonal at Easter, so now I have my camel, we named him Raj. Although it is not a Persian Bazaar here there are murmurings that it is looking a bit like a wool factory. I found this little clip on YouTube a while back. It will make you feel like visiting Iran.

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