Thursday, March 19, 2009


12. Debbie Herd
For those who did not exhibit, or were unable to attend 'Tapestry 2008 The Fine Art of Weaving' in Canberra last year, the 'LAND' Exhibition is now online. You can visit the exhibition on the American Tapestry Alliance website, here.
170 tapestries from all over the world represent each artist's response to 'Land'
All tapestries were to be 10 centimeters high and as long as the artist chose to weave. The overall majority of the tapestries were pinned to the wall at eye level, other longer tapestries commanded a higher space, with Kristin Saeterdal
'Temperature Calendar' tapestry rolled up at one end as it could not be exhibited in it's entire length. Overall a wonderful exhibition, please visit and enjoy!

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