Friday, January 9, 2009


My favorite tapestry in the Land Exhibition at Tapestry 2008 in Canberra last year was the most wonderful, colourful and beautifully woven tapestry by Maximo Laura. Maximo's tapestry won the peoples choice award and you will be able to view it when the exhibition is uploaded on to the American Tapestry Alliance's online gallery.

It is a rare treat to hear such a well known tapestry weaver talk about the inspiration and symbolism used in his work. The tapestries have some interesting areas of texture woven into them and are such a celebration of colour. Often I come across real "gems" as I call them on YouTube and feel disappointed that they have been viewed so few times. This year I will post more of my treasures here.

If you can speak Spanish you may get more from the artist speaking than this English translation. The video's were produced by AMS Imports. I hope that you enjoy the colourful world of Maximo Laura. You will find the artists website here.

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  1. Can I copy the video of Maximo? He is my friend.


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