Monday, June 2, 2008


'Dancing Orchids and Grampians Fires'
This is my tapestry from the Land Exhibition held during the Tapestry 2008 Symposium. The exhibition attracted over 170 entries from all over the world and were a fascinating range of the interpretation of 'Land'. Some of the tapestries were meters long, one was even rolled up at one end as there was not enough space to display it at the tapestries full length. The American Tapestry Alliance is to host the exhibition on line later in the year. The colours in the tapestry are more intense than this photo shows and you can see the tapestry in progress and the inspiration behind the design here


Miss 376 said...

It looks lovely, I can imagine it would look fantastic displyed. All the hard work has paid off

Debbie Herd said...

Thanks for you positive comments. It is always a good feeling to finish a tapestry.Debbie.

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