Monday, April 7, 2008


I just managed to go back to the Ararat Gallery to view Sara's exhibition again before it closed. It was nice to spend some quiet time at the Gallery and be able to have a closer look at the exhibition. Sara's work is soft, quiet and contemplative, they invite you in to look closer at the subtle tonal changes. Most of the tapestries in the exhibition are woven from torn checked gingham. Cinnamon and Roses, scroll like in length, is a beautifully soft tapestry and mixed media construction that charts the life of the artist's mother. A highly personal work, tracing the life of her mother, the daughter of a British tea plantationer in Sri Lanka. Woven in different fibers that include muslin dyed with tea and turmeric each 5 centimeters charts a year in her mothers life. Works on paper and mixed media collage were included in the exhibition along with beautiful soft works in gouache and tea stains on paper. Overall a wonderful exhibition that invites you to spend the time to absorb all the soft tonal changes in the works. You can see more of Sara's work, in Art Textiles of the World Australia volume 2
Sara has been chosen as Australia's representative at the International Tapestry Symposium to be held in Canberra in May.
Thank you to Sara for providing me with the images.


  1. Hello Debiie
    I've been looking at the work of Sara Lindsay and have come across your blog - lovely to see some images of Sara's work as I've not been able to find many.

  2. Hi, there is an online exhibition of Valerie Kirk and Sara Lindsay here. Debbie.


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