Wednesday, May 2, 2007


After years here of little rain and the grim realizations of global warming, maybe this is the garden of the future. There is a beautiful simplicity to it. The raked stones and minimal planting gives one something to ponder over.

ZEN GARDEN1. Lying Buddha, 2. Sea of Silver Sand, 3. Ryoanji, 4. Ryoanji, 5. Ryoanji, 6. Ryoanji, 7. zen garden #8, 8. zen garden #7, 9. zen garden #10, 10. zen garden #9, 11. zen garden #6, 12. dragon, 13. zen garden #6, 14. zengarden #5, 15. zengarden #3, 16. zen garden #4, 17. zen garden#1, 18. zen garden#2

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  1. Thanks for including one of my pictures! Have you seen the temples?

  2. Thanks Faz. No I have not been to the temples but hope to one day. Here in the Australian drought we need to think about how we use water and I am sure that we can learn a lot from the beautiful simplicity of these gardens.
    Thank you for your comment. Debbie.


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