Tuesday, July 20, 2021



Earlier this year I received a notification from Feed Burner informing me that from July this year, they would be fazing out the service. When I checked, I was surprised to find that there are 1,038 people who subscribe to this blog via email. 

Although I have seldom posted anything here since I broke my hand over three years ago, I have been working on other projects apart from tapestry weaving. 

Currently I am involved in an American Tapestry Alliance postcard exchange. So there will be some weaving posts coming soon.

I will post a tutorial as to how I finish off my postcards for postage.

So if you are wondering what I am working on in the future, please drop by every now and then. 

Thank you all for your interest, and support for my work and ramblings here on my blog over the past fourteen years.

Stay safe in these strange times, wherever you are.

Debbie xxx 

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