Thursday, December 5, 2019

Here and (T)Here: ATA’s 2019 Postcard Exchange

Vicki Aspenberg "The Seasons March On'  7" X 5" tapestry postcard.

Tapestry weaving is what I would describe as a 'solitary process' distractions are unwelcome and often of great annoyance to the weaver. Well to this one they are. Building an image from the bottom to the top requires concentration, tenacity, often mixed with feelings of frustration and self doubt.

The American Tapestry Alliance organized a postcard exchange during this year based around the theme ' Here and (T)Here' A random draw of participants was held and each were notified as to who their partner in the exchange was to be.
The exchange began with emails between partners, often getting to know a complete stranger and the parts of their lives that they chose to share.

It has been very interesting, getting to know someone who lives on the other side of the world and exchange life stories and a part of our year with each other. It has been wonderful to talk about our backgrounds in tapestry weaving and the sometimes frustrating elements of the medium that we all seem to share. Vicki and I posted our tapestries on the same day and surprisingly we both received them the same day.
It has been a joy, and if you ever get the opportunity to participate in an exchange you will find it a rewarding experience. 

The exhibition of the postcard tapestries has been uploaded today and you can view them all here.

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  1. So glad you posted these postcard tapestries as they are wonderful both in ideas and execution. Friendships were often also made. Enjoy Limerick next year. Maybe I'll get back to tapestry weaving one day - too much to fit into life!


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